Traps Workout Tips

The traps – or Trapezius, is the flat triangular muscle that extends out and down from the neck and down the center of the back between the shoulder blades – looking at a back double biceps pose, it’s the centerpiece of the upper back/shoulder area.
It’s almost always trained with the shoulders (or, deltoids) but can be trained with back and really is, functionally speaking, part of the back.
There are only a limited number of exercises that work the traps:
* The Shrug (barbell/dumbbells)
* The Upright Row
To perform the standard barbell/dumbbells shrugs, raise your shoulders as high as you can, like a “shrugging” motion, trying to touch your ears.
Hold for a moment, flex the traps hard, lower slowly and repeat.
Upright Rows hits the front and side delts as well as the traps. A wide grip makes it hit the delts more. To perform this exercise, stand and hold a barbell at thigh level with an overhand grip – hands about 8 inches apart. Let the bar hang down in front of you.
Lift it straight up along your body – close to it, not touching it, until the bar just hits chin height. Lower slowly and repeat.